Rasika is a devoted daughter, caring for her elderly father. As he needs full time care she has been unable to work, and was relying on her siblings for financial support.

Rasika started strawberry farming on a small scale. With the loan she obtained from the Mia Fratino foundation she expanded her planting to a commercial scale. She attends to the plants on a daily basis, watering and weeding the plot. Her first harvest after 3 months was successful and she was excited to sell her produce at the local markets for the first time.

Selling her produce was a new experience for her and she was surprised at the demand. She began to develop a regular clientele as well as selling to visitors who come to the area on holidays. In addition to strawberries, she is cultivating household plants and flowers in her garden for sale.

Now she is making a stable weekly income and is able to meet her regular expenses without relying on her family. The project has been a life changing opportunity which has brought not just self sufficiency but increased confidence.